H2 2016 Where are we at? What's next?

From the July 2016 Mozilla Foundation board presentation (slides | PDF)

July 2016: Where are we at?

We are well into the roll-out of our new strategy. Current status:

  1. Aligned on issue agenda. Developing State of the Web report.
  2. Leadership and Advocacy starting to look like what we wrote in plan. Advocacy ‘in market’ with new kind of campaigns we envisioned.
  3. Bulk of change management done. Staff and volunteers left London understanding strategy and their role. We have momentum.

Also, collaboration w/ MoCo continues to deepen, especially with marketing and policy teams. (Also, interestingly, connected devices.)

What’s next?

As we move into H2 2016, top level priorities across MoFo are:

  1. Develop and release MVP State of the Web report.
  2. Launch global copyright campaign, with policy focus in Europe.
  3. Soft launch and test Mozilla Leadership Network membership and shared programs.
  4. Invest in director-level leaders to further accelerate strategy roll out.

We are already seeing impact from the new strategy. H2 will grow this and get us to being more systematic / faster.

Program Timeline

Leadership Network Update

Vision: Mozilla will act as a magnet, training ground and recharge station for a diverse network of leaders working to build and protect the Internet as a public resource.

Status: existing ‘hubs’ like Science operational and adapting to shared model; new hubs like Internet of Things plus network-wide offerings getting off ground.

Next: first cut at identity, branding and membership in H2 2016, soft launch the Mozilla Leadership network concept.

program status cropped

Brand + identity

  • Packaging and brand is top H2 priority. Work with MoCo brand team.
  • Includes packaging and soft launch of network offerings (e.g., training, curriculum, events).
  • Maker Party and MozFest are tent poles for this work in 2016.

membership tiers

Membership + recognition

  • First cut membership framework designed.
  • Will test in H2 by sending recognition letters and invite to join to existing contacts.
  • Will also take first steps towards exec layer by testing programs.

membership recognition

Leadership Network Dashboard

Main KPIs Update 2016 Target H1 Progress
Network Strength Survey told us strong connections w/in hubs but not between hubs. Turn survey data into target in Q3 Initial data from survey now in; Network Strength = 59,443
Citations Not able to track, developing shared method w/ marketing team. Coming 01/17 Started work w/ MoCo marketing; 50 press mentions
Mozilla Contributors Participation team has new metrics portal, Q3 priority to get right data. Coming 09/16 Participation team developing approach here.
Grant Revenue Secured $135k in new grants,
$3M submitted in pipeline.
$8.1M (booked) $2.6M (booked as of May 31)

Advocacy team update

Vision: as part of a broad global movement, Mozilla will cultivate a global force of tens of millions of people to take action to protect the open web.

Status: encryption campaign demonstrates a new way of working on advocacy, combining public education, press and online organizing.

Next: second phase of encryption campaign plus new campaign around copyright, includes significant field organizing component via Maker Party.

Encryption campaign (H1)

  • Goal: test integrated advocacy engine via encryption campaign.
  • Result: 1B overall impressions; 3.8M video views; 52K shares; 194K new advocates
  • Internally: developed team skilled in campaign strategy, media production and email marketing. Can now build on that.

Key Learning:

  • Successful campaign, but wrong goal.
  • Goal was: “Increase the amount of membership who understand encryption.” Data = our list already knowledgeable.
  • Should have been: “Help our advocates explain encryption to others.”
  • Using this goal for encryption campaign part two.

More encryption: codemoji

  • Part two of encryption campaign (H2) is centred around Codemoji.
  • Campaign goal: give advocates engaging way to explain encryption to friends; plus keep Mozilla in encryption news cycle (86 press hits / 15 countries as of July 1).
  • Also, just launched localized versions of original video campaign in German and Spanish.

Copyright and Maker Party (H2)

  • H2 will also focus on copyright: open innovation theme re: ‘regulating imagination.’
  • Core campaign is in Europe, tied into policy team work on new EU copyright laws.
  • Also, general global awareness on creativity and copyright via rebooted Maker Party.
  • Joint campaign w/ marketing, policy, participation and leadership network.

Advocacy Dashboard

KPIs Baseline 2016 Target H1 Progress
Active Advocates 86k peak during EOY
25 – 55k during major campaigns
(1% of list)
Encryption campaign target = 50k; result = 35k
(now reviewing how we set this KPI)
List Size
5.8M 11.8M Total = ~8.1M
Small Dollar Revenue 2015: $4.3M 2016: $4.5M $385k (as of May 31)

Operations Team Update

  • 12-month goal: shift focus from change management around new strategy to deepened staff engagement and ownership.
  • Shape next phase of our org culture and maturation as a non-profit.
  • Take a holistic, multi-pronged approach. Use data to set priorities and measure success (e.g., engagement surveys, D&I research, interviews, etc.)

shaping our culture.001.png.001

Shaping our culture

  • We now have data from multiple sources that help measure engagement and how staff experience our org culture.
  • We’re taking a multi-pronged approach to act on this data and shape next phase of MoFo’s growth and maturation.
  • Tactics in diagram above address priority areas of focus for the next 12 months.