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2016 Plans + Key Learnings

Where are we at? What’s next?

The Mozilla Leadership Network (MLN) connects people and adds impact to their actions on behalf of an open Internet.

MLN Hubs and initiatives


At the heart of the Mozilla Leadership Network is a set of thematic ‘hubs.’ Each hub is a community with diverse expertise helping others to build capacity and advance the open Internet in their field. These include:

  • Advocacy. Activists focused on open Internet issues ranging from media reform to Internet rights.
  • Learning. Educators and librarians committed to transforming learning in our digital age.
  • Open Internet of Things. Hackers and designers creating provocative prototypes for what an open Internet of Things could and should be.
  • Science. Researchers and data scientists committed to making research and practice more open.
  • Women & Web Literacy. Community organizers creating opportunities for women and girls to develop web literacy skills.

Key initiatives

To increase interoperability between the hubs, and to build and grow the Mozilla Leadership Network as a sustainable effort, we’ve set five key initiatives. These become a set of shared elements for each hub.

  • Strategic Partnerships. Grant management and fundraising, strategic initiatives and partnerships aligned with Mozilla’s 2020 strategic plan.  
  • Convening. Bringing members of the network together at small, medium and large face-to-face events. Plus (increasingly) online, through improved platform, communications infrastructure and member services.
  • Learning. Curriculum, resources, learning assets, reference material, case studies, tools / hacks and training to support skills development.
  • Membership. Systems that guide effective membership and affiliation. Rewards and recognition that encourage a sense of network belonging
  • Production. Community infrastructure, tools to support connecting leaders, design and engineering resources to underpin our key initiatives.

Network Strength

We’ll evaluate the network’s impact by focusing on one primary indicator: Network Strength.

Network strength is an aggregate of four metrics, which together show the influence, alignment and health of our network:

    1. Network Alignment: how strongly members identify with Mozilla and our key issues
    2. Network Connectivity: number and strength of connections between members
    3. Network Size: number of active members
    4. Member Influence/Reach: using our leadership tiers

We’ll build a living network map to visualize the network and inform the evolution of our program design and the network as a whole.


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