Leadership Network Production Team How we're organized / who does what

As part of its goal to connect and empower leaders, The Mozilla Leadership Network produces web sites, software tools and infrastructure.

To ship that work, we have self-organized into three cross-functional teams, each focused on a broad goal:

1) Go Global Team

The Go Global team is focused on drawing a global audience into our work. This includes building out our hub websites which serve as a “front door” to our programs and initiatives, and ensuring that we’re telling a coherent story across our various web properties. Importantly, this team will also work to localize our content and make sure it’s accessible.

2) Leaders -> Leaders Team

The Leaders -> Leaders team aims to connect members of the leadership network to one another. This includes supporting our convenings work (including providing design direction and website support for MozFest), and building out tools that facilitate offline and online connections (think of the Schedule App, our chat application, or a tool to share stories across the network).

3) Local Impact Team

The Local Impact team supports members of our network who are taking action in their local communities. This includes tools for publishing and discovering curricula, iterating on our teaching/learning tools (e.g. Thimble), and building out infrastructure for managing our on-the-ground programs like Mozilla Clubs and Study Groups.