Mozilla Foundation Onboarding Roadmap An overview and resources for new staffs' first six months

congratulations! offer accepted

2 weeks prior to your start date

  • You’ve accepted and returned your offer letter
  • Your Workday onboarding begins
    • New hire tasks (i.e. new hire paper paperwork)
    • Select your new laptop

24 hours and counting

The day prior to your start date

Your First day & First Week

  • You receive your Welcome Package!
  • You review first week schedule with manager
  • You start meeting the rest of MoFo
    • Welcome and team (and office) introductions
    • Manager sends introduction note to all-mofo
  • Tech Setup/HR Orientation

YouR First Month

Your First 3 Months

Your First 6 Months

  • You attend your first All Hands
    • All Hands Guide
  • You celebrate your 6 month workiversary!