What Got Shipped Release notes from the MLN Production Team

October 28, 2016 heartbeat

  • The Gigabit Community Fund now has a presence on learning.mozilla.org. We worked closely with the Gigabit team to design a section that would effectively convey the vision and opportunities provided by the program. From a technical perspective, we made use of shared design patterns to design and build this section. You’ll see echoes of the science.mozilla.org in the tabbed structure and in the use of cards on the Portfolio and Events tabs.
  • We also added a page for displaying short bios of the Regional Coordinators who support the Mozilla Clubs program. We’re excited to be able to showcase our wonderful volunteers in this way!

October 14, 2016 heartbeat

  • The Mozilla Foundation page has a new look and new content. It does a much better job of conveying the vision, strategy, and programs of the Mozilla Foundation.

September 30, 2016 heartbeat

  • Staff can now manage Mozilla Clubs Guides through a Django interface. The interface also allows for staff to add localized versions of specific Guides.

September 2, 2016 heartbeat

  • Women and Web Literacy web presence – this is a brochure site we built to showcase the work of the emerging Women and Web Literacy hub. The site was designed with partners and potential partners in mind as the target audience. We built it on github pages, so that staff can more easily keep the content up-to-date. (Github pages was suitable for this project, because it is largely static content, with no interactive features.) The url was specifically chosen to be temporary, as we expect the programming will evolve in the future and eventually dictate a more permanent digital home for the project.